a WILD STUDIO: Excursions in Art, Sound + Performance

An intensive course uncovering the ‘wild’ in Riding Mountain National Park. This workshop combines hands-on engagement with Canadian landscape, National park interpretation methods and presentations by professional artists, scholars and curators on site-specific and environmentally-responsive creative research. 

Participants will spend time experiencing a national park, engage with park interpreters, ecologists and guest presenters, and will build a body of work in art, sound + performance that reflects and engages with natural terrain, the experience of excursion and environmental elements while developing their understanding of territory, space and place.

There are two methods for taking part in the project. Participants may attend from May 12-18, 2019 on-site in Riding Mountain, or they may choose to take University course credit available through the University of Regina, Faculty of Media+Art+Performance.  



Registration Options:

A Wild Studio is open to emerging artists and students (18 and up) interested in art, music, performance, architecture, environment...

Option 1 - Workshop May 12-18:  $ 400  

Option 2 - UofR Course Credit: $500+tuition




Brought to you by:

Leanne Zacharias, Associate Professor, School of Music, Brandon University

Megan Smith, Assistant Professor in Creative Technologies, MAP, University of Regina


and guests

  • Helen Pridmore, soprano, improviser, educator and new music specialist

  • Riding Mountain Park Interpreters

  • Kevin Ei-ichi de Forest, visual artist