May 12-18, Riding Mountain National Park.

Detailed schedule to follow.


Friday, May 5th Participants meet at the University of Regina (Manitoba participants will arrange the morning drive together) for opening session, lunch, and departure for Grasslands National Park. 

Saturday, May 6th Grasslands Day 1

Sunday, May 7th Grasslands Day 2

Monday, May 8th Grasslands Day 3

Tuesday, May 9th Grasslands Day 4

Wednesday, May 10th Day of Rest 

Thursday, May 11th In Studio, University of Regina Faculty of Media, Art and Performance

Friday, May 12th Final group sessions, 1 week participants depart


2016 workshop schedule:

Tuesday, May 3

         10:00am  Participants meet at the Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba (Brandon)

            -gallery tour & lecture with curator Natalia Lebedinskaia (Art in response to landscape, geology, place)

            -drive to Riding Mountain National Park

            -settle into accommodations: The Lakehouse Boutique hotel 

            -Guided Hike: Arrowhead Trail

            -Group Dinner

           -Personal Exploration

           9:00pm Day 1 Roundtable

Wednesday, May 4

        9:00am Aerial Photography with Megan Smith 

       Hike: Moon Lake Trail

        -Group Dinner

       -Personal Exploration

       -Park Theatre screening: Andy Goldsworthy Rivers and Tides



Thursday, May 5

     9:00am Guided Hike: Gorge Creek Trail

     3:00 Lecture/Presentation: ethnomusicologist Lynn Whidden (History in Sound: Passenger Pigeons, the Great Bison herds and Beyond)

     -Group Dinner

Friday, May 6

     9:00am Personal Exploration

     -Group Lunch

     -Final Works-in-Progress Roundtable

     4:00pm Farewells